This web site is dedicated to the men and women who served with the 558th MP Co during its half century of service to the United States from 1943 until 1991, and to those who currently serve with the recently reactivated 558th MP co.
now stationed in Hawaii.

The 558th Military Police Escort Guard Company was activated at Ft. Custer Michigan in May 1943. Over the course of the next half century, the 558th, in varous
forms,  Escort Guard Co. [PW processing], Corps MP Unit, and Army MP Security Co.,  served in the Philippines, Japan and Korea. Folowing a short period of deactivation, the 558th  returned to active duty in Germany as  a Special Weapons  Security Co.  In 1991, as part of Operation Silent Echo, the 558th was deactivated. 

My name is Gil Jones. I served as an infantryman with "Item" Company, 15th Inf. Regiment of the Third Infantry Division before reassignment to the 558th in July, 1953. During the last six months of my assignment, I was Platoon Sergeant of the First Platoon.

Below you will find an outline history of the 558th MP Co. Robert Gunnarsson, a former member of the 558th [Germany] has prepared a much more detailed history of the 558th in Korea. Robert's work has been copywrited. The material may not be used in any manner without the express authorization of the author. Click here to view the 558th MP Company's role in the Korean War.

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June 15, 1943 > activated at Ft. Custer Michigan [Provost Marshal General School] as the 558th Military Police Escort Guard Company. In conjuction with other MP units at Ft. Custer, the 558th provided civil disturbance support during the riots in Detroit.

1943/44 > PW security duties at the POW Internment Camp at Como MIssissippi.

Mar 1945 > 558th MP Co. deactivated at Como Mississippi.

April 1945 > reactivated in the Philippines and assigned to the Eighth US Army [Cebu?] and participates in two military campaigns , receiving a Presidetial Unit Citation for its efforts.

Date TBD > Occupation duty in Japan as part of the Eighth US Army

July 1950 > Arrived in Korea / During Jan 51, and in conjunction with the 55th MP Co., perfomed rear area security missions as part of  a force covering the withdrawal of UN forces from positions north of Seoul;

Oct 1951 > assigned to the rolls of the active regular army / participated in nine campaigns in Korea / awarded three Merritorious Service Citations and two ROK Presidential Unit Citations;

1953-54 > provided security  for Headquarters  Eighth US Army in Seoul [Palace Guard]

1955-57 > combined with the 728th MP Bn to form Co C of the 728th / Occupation duty in Japan

1962 > reactivated at Kriegsfeld Germany and placed under the operational control of the 619th Co., 59th Ord Group [Northpoint]. The  parent organization was  Advanced Weapons Support Command [AWSCOM], a Communications Zone element headquarted in Pirmasens FRG.

Nov 1, 1991 > Deactivated at Kriegsfeld Germany [Operation Silent Echo]

Oct 16, 2008 > Reactivated at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

Robert Gunnarsson, former member of the 558th MP Co  [Germany], provided most of this data.


May 2008 A reliable source [558th MP Co. Platoon Sergeant] reports that the 558th is "up and going strong," although "the official reactivation is not until October." The unit completed range requirements and started law enforcement duties  in late April. 

February 2008  / According to an e-mail from an active duty sergeant who is slated to become a platoon sergeant  in the unit, the 558th MP Compnay will be reactivated in Hawaii as a subordinate element of the Eighth Military Police Brigade. Stay tuned. More data will be posted as it becomes available.

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Photo courtesy of Gerald Schaffner
              Photo courtesy of Robert Gunnarsson

558th MP Company to be Reactivated in Hawaii in 2008. Scroll all the way down for additional information.
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